Social Media – Has it Run it’s Course?

Interesting little video below that many of you have no doubt seen doing the rounds recently.

I am convinced that a number of people will be glad that The Boy and I set up our blog recently if only because it has stopped us clogging up their respective timelines with our online wittering about running.

The video poses the question – should we keep schtum about our training or let the world know every time we lace up those trainers and pound the pavements / trails?

In my experience blogging, social media and all things web 2.0 has been really important in my own running ‘career’. Take Facebook – this is a great way to connect with other runners, encourage, support and learn. In particular social media has been really important in raising awareness of charity runs and allowed others to support me and vice versa. It allows us to see real commitment and earn our sponsorship as our friends follow the training journey through dark and wet winter runs into the spring marathon season.

My involvement with Dunoon Hill Runners has also shown me the power of Social Media. I am certain that the instant update nature and notification culture of this medium gets people out more often and has allowed those with an intrigue in running to see that it can be something for them. Without Facebook the club would not have experienced the exponential growth that it has. Our online presence has generated a buzz and allows members to get real time updates on training, to engage with the club and to arrange additional runs with other runners. Often a post about some obscure race or extreme ultra run will take off and before you know it people are running more often and further than ever before due to peer support (or should that be peer pressure? An added benefit is the witty banter that comes from free.

All the same I appreciate that for non-runners our online ramblings are perhaps too regular and this may actually detract people from joining our ranks. Maybe we should stick to the closed groups and the blog…. oh and I still need to master twitter 🙂 This would allow people to access online ramblings in doses suitable to their appetite.

The Boy’s Big Day – Tollcross Parkrun 10th October

A great turnout of Harriers and Arnolds this morning at Tollcross Parkrun. Always a toughie due to the undulating nature of Tollcross Park but a good start to the day for the Groom himself who dotted back and forward through the field taking footage on his new GoPro. Once again great home baking on the finish line and a really enthusiastic bunch of volunteers. Think Barbour got the wrong end of the stick on the Parkrun ethos as he shoved me out the finish funnel to secure a position ahead of me 🙂

Wishing Jack and Vicki all the best today and for the future. Here’s to a cracking day and then back on to some new crazy running adventures…. You do know we’d both qualify for this now?

World Wife Carrying Championships