2016 Challenge – Joker vs Joker (aka Jack vs Kenny)

A new year is extra special for the running community bringing with it the opportunity to set personal bests but also more easily and quickly achievable season bests as pointed out by our good friend Emma at ParkRun. Therefore a new year can only be a good thing for The Runbetweeners.


2015 was a great one with lots of races, Jack persuaded me to join the Harriers, new friends, a great response to the blog and a couple of ladies in white dresses made an appearance. Although legally recognised as husbands in 2015 the running gods will equally acknowledge the formidable and unbreakable relationship between Jack and I 🙂 (much to the bewilderment of Vicki and Lisa).


So what’s in store for 2016? Well we’re two ParkRun’s in already so we’ve hit the ground running, literally. Elsewhere;


  1. Jack and I are starting a running group – The Runbetweeners. It is due to start in a couple of weeks and we’ll finalise details in the near future and post them up here first for those interested. It will be based in the South Side and initially meet on a Monday evening – open to everyone it will primarily be aimed at those new or returning to running in the new year with the aim of completing a race in the spring / summer.
  2. The Joker vs Joker challenge. The Boy doesn’t know about this yet. In a nutshell. 12 races – 1 per calendar month (I pick 5, Jack picks 5 and we agree on two others – probably Kyles 10 Miles and MokRun?). The winner will be the person who beats their pb by the greatest %age accumulating over the year with a forfeit for the loser. Slower than your pb = addition of %age, faster than pb = subtraction of %age. Winner is the best negative %age at the end of the year.


So I’ll start by nominating some of my choices and our favourite races that I will be entering. I know Jack will do a few of these too.


My remit for a good race in 2016 remains the same as always; fun, scenic and a good ethos where the race adds something to the local area / community – feel free to add any suggestions (particularly for early in the year where we’re a little sparse)


May – MokRun (Half Marathon)

July – Magnus Marathon / Orkney (Marathon)

August – Toward for a Tenner (Half Marathon)

September – Kyles 10 Miles (10 Miles)

October – Amsterdam Marathon (Marathon) or Coigach Half Marathon (Half Marathon)

November – Southside 6 (16 miles)


If you are interested be sure to be quick entering some of the above if you fancy them as they’ll sell out fast. Especially MokRun which launches today and The Southside Six.


In between times we need to get some more unique running challenges going. Two early contenders for 2016 are:

a. A re-run of the Clyde 2014 Mascot Statues around Glasgow

b. A run along the canal path from Glasgow to the Kelpies


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