Pollok PaceRun

Great day today as I managed to get under 20 minutes at Pollok ParkRun for the first time and my first sub-20 since April 2014.


Convinced I went sub-20 today for a few reasons:

  1. Training regularly with the Harriers is starting to pay off
  2. I didn’t look at my watch
  3. I ran in a pack and we helped one another (subconsciously) at various stages


My decision to run in a pack wasn’t conscious but based on my experience at the track on Thursday night when I found myself in a group of 4 running 400metre reps. The guys suggested taking turns to lead each lap and it definitely helped drag me around at a quicker pace than I would usually.


Interestingly this article also popped up on my timeline today:




Anyway great to see Vicki at Pollok today (The Boy’s wife) as she gets herself ready for London and Emma knocked another good amount of time off last week’s pace as she makes her comeback.


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