Pollok parkrun 20th Feb 2016

As the clouds opened and the crowds gathered, there was a noticeable sea of blue in Pollok Park. Thirty Bella Harriers made their way to park for the club’s winter ‘mass parkrun’ and the vests were out in force – albeit over several other layers. I was gutted not to be joining them myself but I decided to take the sensible approach and listen to the physio. I figured that the Runbetweeners would be well represented in the event by Kenny without the need for me to risk further injury! Not wanting to be completely left out, I ventured down and volunteered as photographer for the morning.

A soggy morning for running!

While plenty of the photos were rubbish – a combination of bad weather and worse photographer – I did manage to get a few decent ones which I have uploaded here. Feel free to save and share as you wish! I also took to opportunity to have a play around with the GoPro. I realised when I got home that I had accidentally turned it off for the majority of the race and so, rather annoyingly, I only had footage of the start and finish of the event! All of my fantastic, atmospheric ‘in-race’ action shots would not make an appearance in the final video! Still, I think the final video gives an idea of the conditions that the race took part in!

-Insert your own caption here!-

There were some fantastic performances in the event with Neil Renault crossing the line first in a fantastic time of 16:19. He was then followed by a mass of Harriers as the Bella Boys made up 8 of the remaining top 10 positions. Particularly noteworthy performances were put in by David Mackintosh, who smashed his Pollok PB with 16:49, and Cris Walsh who followed him across the line with an age graded score of 82.58%. Stuart Miller also scored a big PB by dipping under 18minutes with a 17:56 finish.

Kenny in action!

The Bella Girls also secured some brilliant results with Erica Christie smashing out an age graded performance of 88% and Jenny Hoyle who managed to shatter her previous PB by over 3 minutes! Other Bella PBs were recorded by Linda Moffat Anne Mcfie, Karen Speirs and Russell Greig – all in horrific conditions! Bring on the warm weather racing…

Check out the video here.

Still smiling…sort of!

The Runbetweeners Running Group

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 21.05.49

The Boy and I are excited to confirm that our partnership with Run4It Giffnock is now finalised.

For various reasons we have decided to organise the run under the jogscotland umbrella. This will offer a number of benefits to runners as well as providing guidance and support to The Boy and I in our new and exciting venture. JogScotland and Run4It have a long standing partnership so it was a natural fit for Jack and I when we approached Run4It in December about starting a group.

Pilot sessions, thanks to wifes and pals, have gone well and we are now ready to expand. Key lesson learned – don’t do hill sprints on week 1 or nobody will come back.

Key Info:

a. We meet at Run4It Giffnock – G46 6JB

b. Every Monday @ 6-15pm

c. Please arrive at 6pm on your first week to complete a medical health questionnaire

d. Come in sporting clothes (please try to wear something bright / luminous while the evenings are still dark)

e. Make sure you drink enough water in the afternoon and consider a snack around 4pm if you are coming straight from work

f. Parking is available at the shop and bags / keys etc. can be left in store

g. Sessions will typically last 45 minutes including a warm up and warm down

Any questions please ask:

TheRunBetweeners on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email.

Please like and share our page to keep up to date with all the latest news.


Follow us @runbetweeners


The Boy will deal with any social media 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 21.05.38

Becoming Official…

Yesterday morning I sacrificed the usual ‘Sunday Long Run’ – invariably followed by a large coffee and a bacon and cream cheese bagel from D’Nisi  – in order to pile into Kenny’s car for a drive out to Livingstone. The reason for our road trip? To spend the day learning how to be ‘Jog Leaders’. Kenny and I had established our ‘Runbetweeners Run Group’ a couple of weeks ago but had experienced a few difficulties actually finding a JogScotland course with spaces available for us – hence the trip out of Glasgow – and so had not been able to affiliate to Jog Scotland. While this delayed our ability to really promote the group prior to its maiden outing, it did give us an opportunity to experiment with a couple of sessions aimed primarily at a group of mates (and wives!) who we had managed to rope into attending. These proved invaluable and we learned some important lessons which I am sure will serve us well in the future – mainly that everyone definitely LOVES hill sessions. And so it was that we found ourselves two weeks later journeying down to Livingstone to learn how to become the leaders of an official Jog Scotland group.

Jog Scotland Logo

The course itself was very insightful and full of interesting characters. It was fascinating hearing the different stories of the hopeful Jog Leaders and the different aims which they had for their own groups. Some attendees were from well established groups and others were, like ourselves, looking at starting their own. Our instructors for the day, Laura and Jaz, kept the session entertaining and relevant which definitely helped to keep the information digestable as a full day in a classroom could have been intolerable – just ask one of my pupils! As the course meandered through the basics of group organisation, planning and promotion it was clear that there was lots to think about when running a group such as ours but also that we had been working on the right lines with our current set up – a few tweaks and things would be grand! A morning spent in the classroom was followed by some more practical tasks in the afternoon before we concluded the session by constructing ‘6-week training plans’ in our groups of four (or was it six?!). We were provided with lots of practical information and left the course happy that we were equipped to move forward and get things underway! We also met lots of people who will undoubtedly be useful contacts over the coming months.


And so we now find ourselves as qualified ‘Jog Leaders’ with an official, affiliated group! As things move forward I am sure we will have plenty of lessons still to learn and unforeseen obstacles to overcome however I am really excited to see how things progress. Our group will be based out of the new Run4it store in Giffnock and will meet on Monday evenings at 6pm. Anyone who fancies joining us can get in touch via this blog, Twitter (@therunbetweeners) or on Facebook. See you there!