A Newbies Guide to The Runbetweeners

The Slow One and The Boy Post Race at MokRun 2015


Great to see a surge in people following the page this week. This provides a good opportunity to tell (or remind) everyone what we are all about. Fundamentally we are a couple of pals who enjoy running, talking about running and participating in truly runner friendly races in iconic locations. We are Jack (aka The Boy) and Kenny (aka The Slow One).


Since our friends and family got bored of listening to us talking about running we naturally gravitated towards one another as our paths crossed while working together several years ago. Fast forward 4 years and we are trying to share our passion with as many people as possible. We’ve got so much out of running and we’d like to give a little back.


The page started to share stories of daft running challenges (my personal highlight and lo-light rolled into one can be found here – CLYDE AND SEEK) but has evolved into a page to share our experiences of races, kit and general views on running. We’ve even made some virtual friends and we’ve got plenty more daft challenges up our sleeves for 2016.


So why do we love running? Well a real positive ethos seems to be shared with pretty much every runner we’ve met – casual runner, ultra-runner, park-runner, pb hunter, charity runner, club runner etc. An ethos you don’t get in many other sports. The other great thing about running, everyone can do it. There’s a huge variety of people but you rarely meet someone you don’t get along with. And there’s so many inspirational stories – these often get better the further back in the field you go. And we’re all about everyone in the race including the army of volunteers who allow us all to do what we love. In particular we’re big advocates of ParkRun and keen to support other great events in and around Glasgow, Central Scotland and beyond.


Our most recent development, and the one that has probably brought you to our page, is that we’ve set up our own running group. Ideally we would like to encourage people to become runners and to help existing runners achieve personal goals whether that be to run further, faster, to get race ready or even just to spend time outdoors and make new friends. So we went along to a Jog Scotland Jog Leader Course and approached Run4It and we’ve been going for about 8 weeks.


The group is open to anyone but specifically aimed at people who’ve never ran or who have dropped out of running for whatever reason. But please come along if you are a regular runner looking for something different in your weekly schedule. We often get asked if people are fit enough to come along to running club. Well talk to us and we’ll probably find the answer is yes if you’re ready to make the commitment to get out the door. Even if you are a complete beginner we hope we would be able to offer you something. In fact we’d be keen to offer a dedicated beginners group if there was the demand for it and this is something we might look at in a couple of months. JogScotland have a great 10 week programme to introduce people to running. All we ask is that people come about 15 minutes early on their first week to complete a confidential health questionnaire and to have a quick chat with The Boy or me.


If you’re interested in finding out a bit more about us check out the other posts on our blog. We’ve been going for about a year.


In the meantime if you have any questions about TheRunbetweeners Run Group or suggestions for running challenges you know how to get in touch 😉 We’d love to hear from you and look forward to meeting more of you in person soon.


Kenny and Jack


4 thoughts on “A Newbies Guide to The Runbetweeners

  1. Hi guys, is your running group mixed abilities? I am a member of Glasgow Club and do lots of classes..spin, pump, metafit etc but would like to start running too but not sure where to start, can you give me some info please guys…

    Audra 😊 🏃


    1. Audra – Thanks for getting in touch. We are definitely a mixed ability. We usually run about 1-1.5k at a warm up pace and then complete some interval sets at a pace suited to each individual runner. Sounds like you’re more than ready to join us. We’d love to see you there. Any questions just ask. We meet on a Monday from 6pm at Run4It in Giffnock. Kenny


    1. Hi Lesley! We meet from 6pm and set off at 6:15. We run until 7pm.

      This week however we have a trail run lined up as we have Petzl coming to visit and they are going to let us trial some headtorches. Because of this we are going to be leaving the store at 6 or people can meet us at Rouken Glen park at 6:15. If you’re coming down it would be great if you could register (for free!) with jogscotland. Hopefully see you soon!


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