Dunoon Ride & Run

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 18.58.26
The Pier


Just in from a great day in Dunoon. A unique event which incorporates both a ride (bike) and run element. A few hardy souls completed both.


The race (run) afforded me the opportunity to combine a quick visit home with a home race. It was great to see so many hill runners on the course – running and marshalling. A friendly and encouraging welcome was assured at each of the transitions.


What are transitions? Well the race is a four stage affair with a short transition in between each. Only the four stages count towards your final time so you get an opportunity to recover between each stage. It also means you need to keep a little in reserve early in the race. Mental note for next year to actually do this 🙂 Times shown below including transition times when I spent most of my time eating jelly beans and jelly babies.


Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 19.01.09
Final Times


So leg one – a gradual jog from the newly refurbished pier to tap in our the timing chip and then off for leg 1 –  4.8km mainly along the promenade with a nasty sting in the tail at the end a 0.5km climb through the woodland area at Hunter’s Quay Holiday Village. I was pleased to lead the group home on stage 1 as I knew it would be my best leg as it was mainly on the road. Big respect to Roger who waited for me after I ran the wrong route for about 25 metres and let me back in front.


Transition 1 – a short downhill jog to the start of leg 2. A half track / half woodland trail 1.3k from Hafton House to the High Road. Brutal uphill and I could definitely feel the effects of stage 1. Local knowledge meant I knew when I had reached the top of the hill and could open up the legs for the final downhill section.


Transition 3 – a longer jog into Dunoon Stadium for the section I was most looking forward to – two laps of the 400 yard (yip not metre) track. Full guns blazing I went out too hard but managed to hold on to complete the distance (just over 800 metres) in 2 minutes and 50 seconds.


Transition 4 – 1.6km jog to the top of the Bishop’s Glen (glad the climb wasn’t in the race) and then off on the home leg. A sprint downhill through the woods followed by a flat mile along the West Bay. Total leg length 3.3km.


All in all a great event which finished in the great setting of the newly refurbished Dunoon Pier which will also be the big finish area for the Wee Eck Ultra later in the year. Big thanks to Dunoon Presents and No Fuss for putting on the event and to all the great Dunoon Hill Runners Marshals. I’d maybe even consider the ride and run next year (an extra 3 stages and 33 miles on the bike).


Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 18.58.16
The Start / Finish Hub


Oh and one other thing; for the first time since the Dunoon Primary School Sports Day Skipping final I was first in the male run to top off a brilliant day. Great to see Lucie on top spot for the girls too. I am currently considering retirement from organised races as it’s a result unlikely to ever be matched again. All sections shown on my Strava Profile below.


Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 18.58.03
The Winning Medal 🙂 


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