RunBetweeners JogScotland Group FAQ

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Just a short note for any new followers / people considering joining us about the group and registration process for Monday night training. Hopefully this deals with most common questions we get.


Am I fit enough to come along to your group?

The group is aimed at intermediate runners and those returning to running. Most of our members are currently running or have run before – parkrun, a 5k or 10k race in the past. This is more important that being fast (see below).


Many of our members have had a long break without running. You might have been doing something else that to maintain your fitness – e.g. walking regularly or taking part in regular fitness classes. Don’t worry if you have lost this fitness it will soon come back.


If you are a complete beginner get in touch as we would be interested in running periodic beginners sessions (following a 10 week programme).


What would I be doing?

Typically we run a gradual 1k warm up at conversational pace followed by 6-12 intervals at a faster individual pace followed by a gradual 1k warm down. Don’t worry about the intervals we will tailor these to runners and you can walk / run as needed until you build up your fitness.


Would I be too slow / at the back of the group?

You might be but you’d be very welcome. Running a mile is running a mile. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you and the group is here to help people get faster or prepare for a race if that is what they are looking for. Similarly it is here for people who want to run in a social group and have no interest in racing.



Do I need any specialist kit?

During the winter months it is sensible to wear hi-vis clothing (a jacket or vest is ample) as we do run on the road and we want to make it as easy as possible for traffic to see us. Generally speaking layers are a good idea to keep you warm – you can take something off if you get too hot. If you are looking to run regularly you can get good advice from the staff in-store about specialist running clothing.


Do I have to do anything before I attend on the first week?

We are a jogscotland run group. As such all members must pre-register with jogscotland to ensure that proper insurance is in place. Registration is free. Registration also gets you 10% off in-store at Run4It.


Follow the link below to register:


You will be emailed confirmation which we need to see on your first night. This might go to your junk mail box. You can show us a print confirmation or the email on your phone. If you forget on your first week you are more than welcome to run with us at your own risk and we will help you register for the next week.


On the first night we will also ask you to complete a short health questionnaire. One of us will have a quick chat with you about your running experience and what you hope to get out of the group. We’ll introduce you to some of our established members / staff in-store and then we’ll be good to go.


The group is inclusive / supportive and good fun. Many of our runners attend other local groups so if you’re looking for something more regular they can help you out. We also meet sporadically on a Saturday (once a month approx) and are thinking about a longer Sunday run every so often.


Hopefully see you all soon.


Jack and Kenny



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