Runner friendly cities 

(Buda)pest wakes up to another day of glorious sun but it’s not just the weather that made this morning’s run a standout for me.
The cities main attractions hug the Danube meaning all can be covered in a mid distance run out – chain bridge, royal palace, parliament etc. But it’s in the park where runners will feel most welcome. A running track circumnavigates coming in at bang on 5k with regular water stops and shade provided. Popular but not overly busy this is a great route and certainly encouraged a broad spectrum of runners. Red in colour it’s not the most natural or blended with its surroundings but what a great training tool. 
We don’t have many public tracks in the uk limiting our training options although the great thing about our sport is that we don’t need flashy facilities and we can do it anywhere – indeed it is a great way to explore. However, wouldn’t it be great to see something similar in glasgows parks. 
The racer inside bursts out at the sight of the spongy red track. Kinder on the knees too 🙂

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