June MacLeod – Runbetweener of the Month

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July’s Runbetweener of the Month is sure to be a popular choice as we get to know more about one of our bubbliest members, the ever-smiling June MacLeod. Fresh from completing an Ultra Marathon she has completed a number of 3k, 2 Mile, 5k and 10k races in the last few weeks and has well and truly caught the running bug.


In the pursuit of speed June has even been seen ‘sans cap’ in recent weeks in an effort to shave precious seconds off her personal bests. As a result she has been smashing her times across the distances in no small measure due to the brutal winter training she undertook in preparation for the Three Lochs Way.




June is a fantastic asset to the Runbetweeners family. Energetic, relentlessly chatty, willing to try anything and a great friend to the rest of the group.


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June @ Bellahouston Harriers 2 Mile Time Trial 31st of May 2018






Name: June MacLeod
Age: 59yrs 11 months
Town of Birth: Glasgow
Running Club(s): The Runbetweeners and Bellahouston Harriers
Something interesting we don’t know about you: I was part of a team who won an award for innovation in building design.

RUNNING (write as much as you want)

How and when did you start running? 6/12/14, I completed my first parkrun, I had only done hillsprints at bootcamp prior to the this.
Why did you start running? I had been doing bootcamp on a Saturday morning in Bellahouston Park. One of the group sometimes went to parkrun before it. I ungraciously thought ‘if she can do it, so can I’. I had never done any running because my knees were sometimes sore. After my first attempt at parkrun, I realised that I needed a different sort of fitness to run successfully. I went along to an introductory course, on treadmill over 4 weeks, which helped improve my running fitness. As they say, the rest is history….
What is your favourite route to run? Why? I’ve only been running routes since joining the runbetweeners in June 2016, so I don’t have a lot of options to consider. I like the route around Queens Park, and another which goes across the squinty bridge then through Kelvingrove Park. I like running where there are trees and water.
What is your favourite race? Why? I started running races after joining the Bellahouston Harriers. I never thought I could do that, races were for real runners, I didn’t race, I just went for a run. Then while out running with Gillian Glass, doing 7 miles, the furthest I had ever run, I was convinced to run the Alloa Half 2017. Well you know what she’s like! Despite the horror stories people tell you, this is an ok run; not my favourite though, that’s the Kyles 10 miles, just because it’s beautiful scenery, even the smelly farm bit is ok.
Proudest running achievement? Why? I think my proudest moment is telling people I run (I like the look on their face, mostly horror) and being able to talk about the great people I have met because I chose to join a couple of clubs. Oh, and my pb, did I mention Helensburgh 53:14.
What are your current running goals / ambitions? My previous goal was to run 60 parkruns before I was 60. I’ve done that. I’ve run, well run, walked, climbed, and slithered my way around a 34 mile ultra marathon. My ambitions for the next 12 months are, run a marathon, reach 100 parkruns, get below 50 minutes for 10k, and below 25 minutes for 5k at parkrun and to volunteer as often as I can. I think the most difficult one is the 5k as I don’t get into a good stride until a couple of miles have passed.
One bit of advice you would give a new runner? Join a club and get some running buddies.
What does your better half / family think about your running? They think I’m a bit daft, especially when I’m out in the rain and snow. My husband is the proud owner of a Running Widow t-shirt.

SPRINT FINISH (answer in less than 5 words)

What is your favourite Runbetweeners session? Hills within Newlands Park.
If you could run anywhere in the world? Vancouver Marathon.
Pollok parkrun personal best and seasons best? 26:06 / 27:30
Favourite parkrun? Drumchapel
With 6 months injury free training how fast could you run Pollok parkrun in? 25:50
Favourite distance? 10k
Who is your running hero? Forrest Gump, because he just went out and did it!
Your best running habit? Warm up and dynamic stretching
Your worst running habit? Not stretching at the end
One for the guys – tights or shights? Colourful patterned tights
Kenny or Jack? Yes.


Describe The Runbetweeners in your own words. The runbetweeners is a small run group associated with jogscotland. It is coached by 2 thoroughly pleasant and sociable young men, Jack and Kenny, supported via Run4it by Jordan. The membership is diverse, friendly, funny and a pleasure to know.