Clare Taylor has the running bug bad. An avid parkrunner she has travelled the length and breadth of Scotland to support new events and tick off exotic locations. The chances are high that Clare has cheered you around a Glasgow parkrun as a regular volunteer. It seems only right that she should feature on the day that parkrun turns 10 in Scotland.


Clare is also a keen student of running and eager to improve. It’s safe therefore to say that 2018 has been a massive success as Clare has achieved a number of running goals across a range of distances. Whether hanging out with Dame Kelly Holmes or completing a session at Newlands Park Clare will invariably be chatting about running with infectious enthusiasm. Enjoy learning more about December’s Runbetweener of the Month.


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Dame Kelly Holmes was over the moon to finally meet a Runbetweener




Name: Clare Fran Taylor
Age: 60
Town of Birth: Glasgow
Running Club(s): The Runbetweeners (and maybe next year …..)
Something interesting we don’t know about you: I had a black widow spider thrown at me ( & I caught it safely)

RUNNING (write as much as you want)

How and when did you start running? Two years ago the health promotion team at work started a lunchtime couch to 5k along the Clyde in the

city centre.

Why did you start running? To stop me spending money I didn’t have on city centre shops. It worked. Now I spend it on running gear.


Why I continued running was that it was a great break from work. It has became both an enjoyable experience as well as a good way to deal with stress.


Getting involved with parkrun was a major factor in maintaining a consistency in my running. Even when injured volunteering kept me in a running environment after a fall in Central Station.

What is your favourite route to run? Why? Rouken Glen is very beautiful and changeable and is about 8 minutes from my house so it’s terrific when I’m working at home just to take a break and head out there.
What is your favourite race? Why?  
Proudest running achievement? Why? Aviemore 10k some weeks back as I was trying to get under the hour and managed by 3.5 minutes.
What are your current running goals / ambitions? I want to continue this year’s progress as a number of different strands have been coming together: the training at Runbetweeners (though I’m by far the slowest), the progression to 10k where I feel much happier at the end than I did a year ago and underlying it all a 2 stone weight loss due Slimming world following advice on power to weight ratio from a Pollok stalwart.


I want to improve my performance at 5 & 10 ks next year. I’m really impressed by what others my age and older can do and I want to be like them.

One bit of advice you would give a new runner? Just keep going – it’s harder at the beginning & take it one step at a time. Oh and join The Runbetweeners.


I asked Kelly Holmes what advice she would have for a late starter and she said same as for anyone else; always do a warm up run then no matter the distance use the first 20% to ease yourself into the run, then go for it.


What does your better half / family think about your running? My 3 sons are really proud of me and my sister thinks I’ve gone a bit strange.

SPRINT FINISH (answer in less than 5 words)

What is your favourite Runbetweeners session? I love the variety and it’s made me change my own runs to incorporate some of the activities rather

than just running at same old safe pace.

If you could run anywhere in the world? The Trans Canada Great Trail
Pollok parkrun personal best and seasons best? Pollok pb is 30:06 & that’s this season. Perth is my overall parkrun pb at 28:37
Favourite parkrun? Aviemore, Drunchapel, Lanark Moor & of course Pollok. It seems I like hills.
With 6 months injury free training how fast could you run Pollok parkrun in? You’re having a laugh – I’m still 6 seconds away from getting under 30 minutes.
Favourite distance? 5k but that might be changing to 10k
Who is your running hero? The running community whether its at runbetweeners, the 5k parkrun or junior volunteers or at work – it’s open, encouraging & welcoming to all abilities and there’s loads of charity stuff going on.
Your best running habit? Eating buns afterwards.
Your worst running habit? Eating buns afterwards.
One for the guys – tights or shights?  
Kenny or Jack? How can I possibly choose ? First one to buy me a pint 😊


Describe The Runbetweeners in your own words. A cross section of running enthusiasts with a wide range of abilities and ages who are very welcoming to newbies. The training by Kenny & Jack helps to improve performance.


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Clare in her natural habitat – parkrun 🙂