26th March 1987


Bellahouston Harriers.

When did you start running?

I started running in primary school when a parent of one of the pupils started an after school club. My mum was also a keen runner and ran the London Marathon several times. I loved travelling up to London as a kid to watch the race and have vivid memories of sitting on the pavement with my homemade banner, shouting at the passing runners and wishing I could take part. I ran a little in my teens but mainly as a way of improving my fitness for other sports. I had spells with a couple of running clubs over the years however it was only in 2014 that I finally committed to running and began training regularly with Bellahouston Harriers.

What is your favourite distance?

I love the challenge of a 10k as it is short enough to run it hard but long enough that it is going to hurt. I think it is a great distance to race as it is very psychological: everyone is going to be suffering for the duration and it often boils down to who can bear it long enough!

What is your favourite race?

I love the London Marathon as the demands of the race mean that you are forced to think about it for months in preparation. I love the fact that the buzz of the event begins so early and you get to soak up the atmosphere at the Expo. Nothing compares to the feeling of tearing around the streets of London, past all the famous landmarks, while a huge crowd cheers your name as if you were a famous athlete. I have completed the race several times and I know that I will be back to do it again!

What would be your dream race?

One day I would love to do the Boston Marathon.

What is your favourite parkrun?

While I love the fact that Pollok parkrun is always filled with familiar faces, I think the parkrun at Sheffield Hallam has been my favourite so far. I have only completed it once but it was on the morning of my little brother’s wedding and I managed to squeeze the run in before the hotel breakfast finished! The route was fantastic and I got lots of cheers from the marshalls who were delighted to have a visitor down from Glasgow.

What is your favourite thing about running with Kenny/Jack?

The thing that I like most about running with Kenny is also the thing that I dislike most about Kenny: he actually forces me to follow up on all of the stupid running ideas that we discuss. I can be very easily talked into things and often agree to do things without thinking them through. Putting me in a room with someone like Kenny, who also likes a challenge, is always going to be dangerous! Running the Clyde Trail was possibly the most horrific running experience of my life (although I love telling the story now!) and I fully place the blame for that monstrosity on Kenny’s shoulders.

What are your favourite training shoes?

I currently train in a pair of Asics GT-1000s and have had these as my last few pairs. Prior to this I wore Brooks Adrenaline GTS trainers for years.

What shoes do you race in?

I love my Nike Lunaracer 3+ racing shoes. Since purchasing these (my first ever pair of racing flats) I have smashed my pb for every distance from 2Mile to Marathon. I tried switching to a pair of Adidas Adios Boost trainers a few months back but experienced sore shins and so have returned to my reliable Nikes.

What is your favourite song to run to?

I only really listen to music during long, slow runs (often on my commute). Usually I listen to the MarathonTalk Podcast although if I am listening to music it can vary hugely: either cheesey rock music or I have a couple of hip-hop podcasts that do the job.

What is your ultimate pre-race meal?

I hate running on a full stomach so usually eat very little before a race. If my race is in the morning I will usually have a huge plate of tortellini at lunchtime the day before and then another (smaller) carb-heavy meal at night. For breakfast I will often have a cup of coffee and a slice of toast at least a few hours before the race starts. If I am running a marathon I will get up 5 hours before the start to have a big bowl of porridge with strawberry jam and almond butter.


5km: 15:51

10km: 32:23

1/2 Marathon: 70:39

Marathon: 02:28:28

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